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Life in Mexico goes on!

The daily life of a digital nomad, and daily life in Mexico. snippets from all over the country, because life goes on. There may be a lockdown in the Netherlands, but I live a free life in Mexico. I travel, I visit places and I have no interference whatsoever from the world outside my little bubble.

What I learned in Mexico a country that is so much larger than the tiny country below the sea level where I was born is that Covid is a big city crowded area disease and a disease that hits people the hardest with a weakened immune system. And I am neither, I do not live in a big city, I avoid public transport, I avoid crowds and I do not have a very weak immune system.

And with Mexico handling this pandemic with such a progressive attitude, I live in a country where I only have knowledge of Covid when I want to enter a building or walk into a crowd, there I have to wear a face mask, do the gel thing an get a temperature check. For the rest, I live in my own little bubble, some days inside my helmet, other days in my house, hotel room, or wherever I rest my laptop.

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