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Is it nice to live in La Paz, BCS, Mexico?

When you are looking to relocate to Mexico you might think of endless beaches, turquoise waters of the Caribbean and tourist hotspots in the Riviera Maya or Nayarit area. Only a few people consider moving to the desert. 

I must say that to my experience and opinion La Paz differs from the rest of Mexico, less colorful and less nostalgic when it comes to those cliche kind of Mexico vibes you find all over the internet. It is more rough, more raw, and it has its own beauty to it and with that its own laid-back culture. (Read also: Travel photos murals in Playa del Carmen)

It can be challenging to live in the dry and hot climate of the Baja California Sur peninsula. Especially during summer, when temperatures go way up. While in winter they may drop very low especially at night and the waters surrounding the peninsula like the Sea of Cortes and Pacific ocean grow very cold.  (Read also: What is the best time to visit La Paz)

But when you can get passed all that temperature stuff, and you see the beauty of living in an area where it only rains like  7 days a year, you might also start to see other benefits from living in Baja California Sur.

I make a list:

  • Baja California Sur is among the safest states in Mexico
  • you can go camping with your campervan or tent in one of the many recluse bay’s and on the beach.
  • you can ride dry rivers and desert roads in buggies or off road vehicles and motorcycles
  • you can go horseback riding on the long beaches at the pacific coast or even ride a camel
  • you can see the tallest cactuses this landscape has to offer when you hike through the beautiful national park’s.
  • you can go windsurfing and kitesurfing in La Ventana
  • visit the mine village of El Triunfo and enjoy the amazing views while driving through the mountains
  • you can go wine and dine in the luxury of Cabo san Lucas
  • go shopping in picturesque Todos Santos
  • or enjoy a lunch on the beach in lay-back Los Barilles
  • you can go whale watching or sometimes just see them while driving the coastal roads
  • and when it is the season swim with whale sharks
  • or go catch your own giant tuna
  • stroll the boulevard of La Paz and have a lovely meal with sea-view
  • watch sea-lions in the port of Cabo San Lucas waiting for a good catch
  • find a remote spot for a perfect picnic in the clear blue waters of unspoiled beaches
  • see dry rivers turn into flash floods while everything turns green in a couple of days during rain season.

The list is almost endless!

With La Paz as the State capital this fast developing area has a lot to offer, for both thrill seekers and people that love the quiet and reclusive places.

Add to that the great connectivity with the mainland through airports in La Paz and Cabo that offer flights that put you right in Mexico City in just less than 3 hours, and the busses that connect cities and villages in the area, like the Autobus del Desierto and the high quality internet.

I have made a photo collection of the south part of the State, from La Paz to Cabos

Click on the photo to see a larger image.