Meet & Greet with JC from Holland, nomad and world citizen

Are you in La Paz, Baja California Sur, in Mexico and curious about me and my lifestyle? Let’s meet!

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Are you in the La Paz area and you always wanted to know everything about

  • living in Mexico, the Philippines, The Netherlands
  • emigration in general
  • a digital nomad lifestyle

Let’s set up an appointment and make it happen!

book your appointment with me through info @ (remove the blanks around the @)

Groups and professional meetings

For Groups and Meet-ups with Professionals, I have special prices depending on the identity of the meeting.

Virtual Meetings are an option!

You can contact me using the email address, just leave out the blanks and change “dot’ for a dot…….info @ Leavingholland dot com

Provide me with the following information please:

  • the name of your group or organization
  • the goal of the meeting (subject, peer group)
  • how I will fit in (What do you expect from me)
  • date and time
  • your budget or costs you will provide during the time you need me, like lodging, food, drinks, travel expenses, promotional costs.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.