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Motorcycle Road Trip through Rural Mexico

They were exciting months, as I left Cancun on July 12, 2021, and headed for La Paz. My road trip had finally begun, over 8000KM right through the heart of Mexico.
It had been a long wait, lots of stuff got in the way and the departure date had to be postponed time after time. But finally, everything was in order and I could leave Cancun and head for the real Mexico.

There are so many impressions, so many memories, here in La Paz as I work my way to the endless hours of video footage trying to make sense of it all. Sometimes I can’t find words yet to describe how it felt. So many videos will be very quiet, just videos and lots of things to see for you. Things I love to share, I have decided to make thematic topics and while doing so I can work on 1 video to cover the entire trip to end the series.

I already uploaded videos of day trips, the Pueblos Magicos we passed through so I kindly advise you to check out the playlist #FromPuebloToPueblo (From Pueblo to Pueblo) on the channel and do not forget to subscribe so you won’t miss out.

And remember, all our routes will be made available as GPX files on this website, so you can plan a ride yourself, or ride our route, routes come with lots of information on restaurants, checkpoints, attention points, and road conditions.

As a bonus, we are also adding tracks we did in the Philippines!

For now, I share rural roadside moments with you. What you are about to see is the real Mexico, daily life as it is outside the tourist areas and in those areas where seldom or never tourists go.

I hope you enjoy the moments I have put together for you, and I hope you love exploring Mexico with us.