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Moving abroad to start a new life

Dreaming of starting a new life abroad is daring. The thought of leaving everything behind and starting over, a second chance, a new beginning is appealing to many people under many different circumstances. 

Floating Coconut Website offers help. The website orientates on different aspects of moving abroad. Either to start a new life by

A. settling in a new country,

B. maybe due to a newfound life partner in a cross-cultural relationship

C. work and travel at a constant pace and not settle anywhere and live as a digital nomad

Plenty of articles on the website about moving abroad, starting a new life, living in countries like the Philippines or Mexico where life is affordable and you can be anyone you want, or becoming a digital nomad.

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Every person thinking of moving abroad starts at the same point: Unhappiness

You want to change your life because work is not what you want, or your social contacts frustrate you or your current countries rules and laws. or simply because you think that a new start can offer better prospects for the future. Maybe you are in debts and want to change that situation of endless monthly bills and payments.

Whatever grounds you have for your longing to start a new life, the second questions that come to mind is: What is the best country to start a new life.

San Juan, Maite Siquijor sunset

What is the best country to start a new life?

That all depends on

  • your lifestyle
  • your budget
  • your wishes for the future
  • your nationality /passport
  • your current financial situation
  • your criminal record if you have one

Floating Coconut Website can help you!

Reading the articles here can give you a clear direction of where to go and how to do it.

But there is more. There are tools and products that can help you with your decision.

Have you ever thought of creating an Immigration Profile?

In the webshop, you find a book. It helps you determine who you are now and what you need for the future.  It is a workbook that helps you make a wise decision on your future country to guarantee a good start for a new life.

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In a few simple steps, you gain control over the dream you have to start a new life in a different country or a different part of your current country and you work out a solid financial plan.

It gives you an idea of what house you need, helps you to find a country that fits your budget and how to pay for all that. 

I want to live in Spain

Friends and family are not always supportive of the plans we have in mind for ourselves

It can be hard on family and friends when you vent your wishes to start anew. Especially when they realize you are unhappy and they are not able to solve your unhappiness. I remember my friends questioning friendships values because somehow they thought that us being friends did not provide me with enough happiness to stick around.

And although they came around in the long run and became supportive. It was hard to turn to them for advice and have them play the devil’s advocate role in shaping my future plans for moving abroad. 

I am here for you if you have any questions about moving abroad, with the articles on the website, but also as a person. The only emotional involvement you and I have is that we share the same dream: living in a faraway country, in a new culture and making a better life for ourselves. And I can tell you passionately from my own experience how that is going to be like and what you need to make that dream of yours come true. Just like my dream came true.

You can ask your questions through email, or directly life in a WhatsApp (video)call if you wish, or through Messenger, we can decide on that later.

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I will be happy to answer all your questions about starting a new life in another country.




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