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Moving to a Foreign Country

This section of the website is about

  • living abroad,
  • preparations,
  • things to think about
  • the practical side of moving to another country in general.

You find a few countries that have specific pages with information, just click on the image to visit them and below the photos you find the articles about moving abroad.

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The Articles

What visa do I need to Move to Europe

Although the Europen Union has a Schengen visa, you can also apply for a visa in a specific country. For example if you do not plan on traveling the so called Schengen area and want to stay beyond 90 days ...
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Is it nice to live in La Paz, BCS, Mexico?

When you are looking to relocate to Mexico you might think of endless beaches, turquoise waters of the Caribbean and tourist hotspots in the Riviera Maya or Nayarit area. Only a few people consider moving to the desert.  I must ...
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Living and Working in Singapore

Singapore in S.E. Asia has had a reputation for extraordinary expat life since 2018. And even in 2023, it is high in the list of remote workers and young professionals. With more than a quarter of its workforce coming from ...
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Top five affordable beach loactions

Who does not dream of a lovely cottage on the beach that is so affordable you can live like a King? With fabulous food at your fingertips, local drinks for pennies, and the sea to wash away your worries? Maybe ...
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There is no water today!

I am from the Netherlands an over-regulated country where everything always is available and always works. Well, at least there is always water coming from the tap. And it is drinking water, a pure quality that makes buying bottled water ...
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15 ways to fight depression while traveling

It may sound weird to you, traveling long term and visiting the most beautiful countries and places and getting depressed. But it is not strange at all. I know many long-term travelers that suffer one way or another from burnout ...
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Living in Mexico on a budget

"They" say life is cheap in Mexico, affordable, you can easily live of a 1000 bucks in a city like Puerto Vallarta, Tulum, or Merida, some of those high-end tourist destinations. Is that true? Let's talk about living in Mexico ...
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temprerature in the Philippines

10 tips to survive in a warm and humid climate

I'm Dutch by birth and in the Netherlands, I never had to deal with temperatures higher than 25 degrees, only on extreme occasional hot days the temperature went up till 30-35 degrees C. Humidity is not an issue in the ...
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moving abroad start a new life

Moving abroad to start a new life

Dreaming of starting a new life abroad is daring. The thought of leaving everything behind and starting over, a second chance, a new beginning is appealing to many people under many different circumstances.  Floating Coconut Website offers help. The website ...
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ask a question about living abroad, countries, life changes

Why you need to be a Tourist in your Home Country

Some questions popped in about becoming a digital nomad and/or starting a travel blog. This inspired me to write a blog post to answer them all at once. It is a huge step to burn all your bridges and start ...
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