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Moving to a Foreign Country

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  • the practical side of moving to another country in general.

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The most important reason for emigration

Moving abroad happens for lots of reasons and they are all very private and personal. Some people move to make a new start, others to get away from a situation that seems unchangeable, and again others because they are retiring ...
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am I going back to the Netherlands?

Are you going back home due to Corona Virus?

While Mexico is working hard to prevent the pandemic from hitting the country, I struggle in my own little world with isolation, disappointing business results for weeks and questions from readers. And two questions keep reappearing. Wouldn't you be rather ...
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Expat life in days of COVID-19

Not all of us living abroad went home, most temporary expats returned home especially when studies or jobs ended due to the restrictions countries impose in order to prevent the virus from spreading. but there is a large group of ...
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5 Important questions about Emigration

How often we wonder if a new country would offer us more happiness? We all love to dream, but only a few actually make those dreams come true and move abroad to find a better life. For those thinking about ...
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Is it possible to run away from your debts?

When you feel trapped by the debts you've built over the years, the thought may arise: Can I escape my creditors? What if I move to a far corner of the earth and just wait for the legal time to ...
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Expat or Immigrant what is the Difference?

When moving to another country the question might pop up in your mind or in conversations about what you really are, an Expat, like so many Americans say they are, or an immigrant. In Europe, where I come from, the ...
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visa for Malaysia

Do I need a visa travelling to Malaysia

Malaysia understands that tourism can make a country blossom. The effect of tourism on the local economy can be huge due to the money tourists spent during their stay. Providing a good infrastructure and maintaining tourist hotspots in tip-top shape ...
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Moving to Spain from another European country

I want to live in Spain

For Europeans it is easy to move to Spain, the European Union and Schengen Zone offers free travel to its citizens. That makes it hassle-free to just move to another country and start a life there. They only rule one ...
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moving to Spain, living in Spain

How can I escape my life?

Before I started my nomad life I asked and googled that so much. It was the number one question lingering in my mind. My life was a complete disaster according to myself. And I felt trapped and cornered. There seemed ...
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escape your life, start over, how to, I want to run away, my life sucks,

How to escape your life?

I think we all have been there one time or another: that moment in life you wanted to escape it all. Ride into the sunset and never look back. Because of embarrassment, loss, sadness, financial problems, and I'm sure you ...
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