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Moving to a Foreign Country

This section of the website is about

  • living abroad,
  • preparations,
  • things to think about
  • the practical side of moving to another country in general.

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The Articles

visa for Malaysia

Do I need a visa travelling to Malaysia

Malaysia understands that tourism can make a country blossom. The effect of tourism on the local economy can be huge due to the money tourists spent during their stay. Providing a good infrastructure and maintaining tourist hotspots in tip-top shape ...
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Moving to Spain from another European country

I want to live in Spain

For Europeans it is easy to move to Spain, the European Union and Schengen Zone offers free travel to its citizens. That makes it hassle-free to just move to another country and start a life there. They only rule one ...
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moving to Spain, living in Spain

How can I escape my life?

Before I started my nomad life I asked and googled that so much. It was the number one question lingering in my mind. My life was a complete disaster according to myself. And I felt trapped and cornered. There seemed ...
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escape your life, start over, how to, I want to run away, my life sucks,

How to escape your life?

I think we all have been there one time or another: that moment in life you wanted to escape it all. Ride into the sunset and never look back. Because of embarrassment, loss, sadness, financial problems, and I'm sure you ...
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travel, world travel, work online, nomad, how to travel, work less

How much Money do you need to Travel the World?

I always kind of hesitate to answer money questions on my website. For it depends on so many variables to define a budget. It is personal taste, the longing for luxury, the urge for gadgets and the countries you visit ...
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woman, women, retirement, emigration, Philippines, third world, abroad, expat, immigration, female,

How women prepare for emigration

The first thoughts that come up in a woman's head when she is thinking about moving to another country are How about the family? What can go wrong? Men and women differ in preparing for moving abroad, where women have ...
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Nomads, friendship love and sex

Empaths and Travel

I’m an Empath. Having said that I know that deserves some explanation. The restlessness in me and the huge amount of time I need to spent on lonely beaches away from the crowd, in total solitude are my 2 points ...
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trauma while traveling

How to recover from Trauma while Traveling

Traveling the world makes you vulnerable. Besides all the joys and beauty, the meeting of new people and increasing your world knowledge, you also put yourself out there on the line, sometimes without even knowing it. I was in my ...
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temprerature in the Philippines

10 tips to survive in a warm and humid climate

I'm Dutch by birth and in the Netherlands, I never had to deal with temperatures higher than 25 degrees, only on extreme occasional hot days the temperature went up till 30-35 degrees C. Humidity is not an issue in the ...
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