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Moving to Mexico

On this page, you will find all sorts of information I gather on my trip, this way it will be a step-by-step guide for starting a life in Mexico. I will share information that is useful on topics like:

  • Cost of living in different areas
  • Visa, renting a house, bank accounts and driver’s license, etc.
  • Touristic information about places I have visited
  • Photo impressions of cities and daily life
  • Tips, tricks, and other useful information for your stay in Mexico
  • My personal stories and experiences
  • etc.etc.

Enjoy Reading.

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Retiring in Mexico pros and cons

How much money do you need to retire comfortably to Mexico and what are the pros and cons of retiring in Mexico? Depending on your lifestyle and what you need to live a happy life, you might be able to ...
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How much does it cost to live in Mexico

The basic living expenses in Mexico are cheaper than in the United States, Canada or even some parts in Europe. Especially when it comes to housing costs.  The cost of living in Mexico, or any country in the world,  kind ...
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Can I bring my gun to Mexico?

The answer to the question if you can bring your gun to Mexico is simple. It is up to you. I guess people can do anything, or so they think. Why am I so blunt? Well,  the arrests of people ...
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Time zones and summertime in Mexico

When you travel to or through Mexico you might need to reset your watch a few times. Mexico has 4 different time zones. The time zones in Mexico are named: Central, Northwest, Pacific, and Southeast. And that is divided over ...
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Motorcycle Road Trip Mexico part 5

The first days in the real mountains. We have left the rolling hills behind us and climbed to 2100meters above sea level. And that is noticeable. Lightheaded and a bit jet-lagged we ride on to San Cristobal de Las Casas ...
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Motorcycle Road trip Mexico part 4

Isla Aguada is not the most logical place to stop for the night. Most people push through a little further and stop in Cuidad del Carmen. But I am not "Most people" and therefore I discovered a cute village at ...
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Checkpoints in Mexico

While on my road trip through Mexico I kind of worried about checkpoints. There are many in Mexico and not all of them are legal.  Mexico is known for its checkpoints. Especially in the Yucatan Peninsula and in border areas ...
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Motorcycle road trip Mexico part 2

Time to say goodbye to Merida and its beautiful surroundings. Time to move on to Campeche. I am on a road trip from Cancun to La Paz, and that trip is roughly divided into 3 parts. After each part, it ...
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Motorcycle road trip Mexico part 1

Departure day is here and it is time to start the engine and set off on a motorcycle journey through Mexico. From Cancun to La Paz, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, 9000km, right through the heart of Mexico ...
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Grocery shopping at Chedraui La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Every few days we ride to La Paz, the nearby city, to get our groceries. Since I do not cook for my son anymore and he runs his own household we often need a lot. The side cases and bags ...
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