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Moving to Mexico

On this page, you will find all sorts of information I gather on my trip, this way it will be a step-by-step guide for starting a life in Mexico. I will share information that is useful on topics like:

  • Cost of living in different areas
  • Visa, renting a house, bank accounts and driver’s license, etc.
  • Touristic information about places I have visited
  • Photo impressions of cities and daily life
  • Tips, tricks, and other useful information for your stay in Mexico
  • My personal stories and experiences
  • etc.etc.

Enjoy Reading.




I want to visit Isla Mujeres after Covid19 is over

Will it be safe to book a hotel in Isla Mujeres in 2020 and what to expect? Are hotels open and how is the situation at the moment after COVID19 Mexico is still working its way out of the COVID-19 ...
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Tulum vacation

Is Tulum safe for summer break in 2020 after COVID19?

Tulum has been a laid back tourist place ever since it was discovered. Home of the famous Tulum Mayan Ruins lots of people visit the little city a few kilometres up the road from the tourist hotspot. Will it be ...
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How will Mexico handle Tourism after COVID19 Pandemic ends

While the larger parts of the world slowly recovering from COVID19 and regress to some sort of 'normal'. The Americas, including Mexico, are still struggling to get out of phase 3 and move beyond the peak of the outbreak. Yet, ...
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5th avenue Playa del Carmen

5th Avenue Playa del Carmen during Coronavirus

Whoever visited Playa del Carmen knows about the bustling street 5th Avenue. It is the place to go when you are in Playa. You can wine, dine, enjoy the nightlife or go shopping. %th Avenue has it all. Need souvenirs ...
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self quarantine in Mexico

Digital Nomad in Self-Quarantine in Mexico

I have put myself in self-quarantine more or less. I only leave the house for essentials. And that as little as possible. I love myself and I do not want to get sick. Also, I do not have health insurance ...
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summer vacation 2020 tips

10 things to keep in mind when planning your 2020 Vacation?

With a world that is on lockdown, there are people that need a ray of hope, and they create that ray by looking at vacation spots to visit for the next summer vacation or autumn break. Nothing wrong with that ...
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Riviera maya safe COVID-19

Is booking a trip to Riviera Maya Mexico for 2020 safe?

World tourism seems to be on hold due to the Corona Virus's lockdowns. But sometime this year borders will be open en you can go on summer holiday. Maybe you are on lock-down and planning the summer break now, to ...
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Daily life in Playa del Carmen during COVID-19

Yesterday I wrote on my Dutch Website that life continues as normal here in Playa del Carmen. But then by the end of the day, the Mexican Government rolled out the rules, regulations, and information about COVID-19 phase 1 en ...
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Seaweed predictions for Quintana Roo, Mexico 2020

In the year 2019 tonnes and tonnes of sargasso were transported off the beaches on a daily base. The sea changed from Aquamarine into a sluggish brown and the smell at some days was horrible. So how are the predictions ...
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Mexican Immigration Form

The Mexico Immigration Form

Planning to travel to Mexico but you are confused about what kind of visa you need? No worries! Mexico has very easy visa rules. You probably won’t even need a visa. Most people visiting Mexico can enter the country on ...
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