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Moving to Mexico

On this page, you will find all sorts of information I gather on my trip, this way it will be a step-by-step guide for starting a life in Mexico. I will share information that is useful on topics like:

  • Cost of living in different areas
  • Visa, renting a house, bank accounts and driver’s license, etc.
  • Touristic information about places I have visited
  • Photo impressions of cities and daily life
  • Tips, tricks, and other useful information for your stay in Mexico
  • My personal stories and experiences
  • etc.etc.

Enjoy Reading.




Seaweed predictions for Quintana Roo, Mexico 2020

In the year 2019 tonnes and tonnes of sargasso were transported off the beaches on a daily base. The sea changed from Aquamarine into a sluggish brown and the smell at some days was horrible. So how are the predictions ...
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Mexican Immigration Form

The Mexico Immigration Form

Planning to travel to Mexico but you are confused about what kind of visa you need? No worries! Mexico has very easy visa rules. You probably won’t even need a visa. Most people visiting Mexico can enter the country on ...
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Temporary Resident in Mexico, extension for 3 years

After arriving in Mexico you change your pre-approved visa and FMM form for your Temporary Resident card. This will allow you one year of stay in Mexico. Once that year has passed you can extend up to three more years ...
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opening bank account Mexico

Opening a bank account on a Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico

Did you know that over 48 banks are operating in Mexico? And that 7 banks, BBVA Bancomer, CitiBanamex, Santander, Banorte, HSBC, Inbursa, and Scotia Bank, control over 70% of the market? And did you know that almost all major banks ...
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Bank account Mexico Expat

Why would you open a bank account in Mexico?

It is different for everyone whether or not you should open a bank account in the country you are planning to stay for a longer period of time. I collected 7 points on why I want a foreign bank account ...
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Tips and Advice when opening a Mexican bank account

Opening a bank account in Mexico might be wise when you spend more time than just a holiday in Mexico. In my previous post, I write about the benefits for me that made it valid to open a savings and ...
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Mexico digital nomads

Can you work as a freelancer in Mexico?

Mexico has long been a favorite of US and Canadian freelancers who’ve decided to take their work on the road. With its reliable high-speed internet, and a lot of amazing (beach) locations Mexico seems like a great place to work ...
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price cataract surgery

What does a cataract surgery cost in Mexico

Prices for cataract surgery in Mexico may vary from location to location and from clinic to clinic. When you have surgery done close to the American border or in a tourist area, you pay a lot more than when you ...
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troubleshooting about FMM Mexico

Frequently asked questions about the Mexican FMM

<<<<< When you have doubts about if you should use an FMM, please read the previous post Troubleshooting, FAQ about the problems and FMM FMM's get lost, are not stamped the right date or get overstayed. Let me shed some ...
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FMM or visa Mexico

Is the FMM the same as a visa in Mexico?

There is a lot of confusion about visas and the FMM in the blog post I read on the internet on this subject. Even I made the mistake in the beginning. For it is so common for countries to work ...
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