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Off the beaten path: Cancún treasures

Most people visiting Cancún stay in the Hotel zone and some drift of to Mercado 28 or Walmart, not many wander about in the city and I found myself on the bus several times with people pointing out to me I was not going in the direction of either of those 3 safe zones for tourists. But I am not living in the hotel zone, but I rented 2 houses in downtown Cancún, for a few months, and walked around in the city quite a lot actually.

Cancún is vivid and colourful and has many hidden gems, like Mercado 23,  not to be confused with Mercado 28. Mercado 23 is a little further down the block and is actually a local public market, and there are little streets and squares that show you daily life in Mexico, away from the tourism perfection and buzz.

While walking around I meet people, I visit their shops and I take photos,

And this is what I found………see Cancún through my eyes:

cancun, mexico, tips, visit, local, downtown, tourism, photos


Butcher, meat shop, cancun, downtown, local, market, mexico, photos, tips, tourism


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cancun, downtown, beaten path, visit, tourism, tips


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market, local, cancun, mexico, downtown, discover, explore


I hope when you visit Cancún you will explore, just take bus 1 or 2 going out of the Hotel Zone, the cost is a maximum of 12 pesos per person, depending on the bus. And just get off at the large Soriana Supermarket and turn right, walking down the street or at Walmart stop and walk in the direction of Mercado 28, and start exploring. My advice: use Google Maps, so you have some sense of direction and not look too lost. And enjoy yourself.

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