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On Sundays I write a post for my diary

Sundays I claimed as a day to write a personal update here. Because I like to keep my followers informed. Because I like to build my own reference about how my life on the road progresses and how I change. But today I feel no inspiration. 

Some days I have the incredible urge to write, and articles and ideas flow almost natural, but other days I am completely stuck in boredom and I can’t find anything interesting or come up with anything noticeable.

But a lot has happened this week. So maybe I just start with the good news, and it will flow from there.

The state of Quintana Roo, where I currently reside, had turned into a Yellow epidemic stage, that means that the beaches are open. Men! I was at the beach almost every day. Collecting shells, walking, swimming, thinking and rethinking. Creating ideas and just relaxing.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

It is amazing to go to the beach and not have to watch out for police or national guard, to send you home.

So I got myself quite a tan, and there is more sand in my bathroom than ever. On Facebook, you can follow my beach days and the fun I have there. Feel free to send me a friend request there. Facebook, that is another thing. This week I decided to open up my profile more for the followers I have. They usually saw only the blog articles and promotions, but now you can see a lot more when you follow me on Facebook. So if a friend request feels like an intrusion of your own private life, just follow me there when you are curious.

My friends on Facebook see a little more than the followers, they follow me throughout the day and see private and exclusive photos 

And I tweet a lot, in Dutch, for sure for my Dutch Followers there, but I started a special account for this website also, just give me a little time to swing in the rhythm, for when the Dutch sleep I don’t have to update my Dutch account and I can tweet on my English account.

So far social media changes.

Pelicans Caribbean Sea

I am still dating. But these last days in my mind, there is a process that started. I am kind of rethinking relationships. For digital nomads dating is a hard part. For you always move on, and finding a partner is difficult as it is, but finding a partner with a travel urge and the means to travel is even harder. Add to that my age, I think it is time I changed my beliefs in relationships a little and adjust them to my lifestyle. If you are curious, just follow me around, it will pop-up on the website once the process in my head is finished.

I started a countdown while looking forward and nothing holding me here in Playa del Carmen or this region anymore it is time to make huge plans

It is kind of like the chicken and the egg, what came first, without an egg there is no chicken, but you need a chicken to get an egg. But when the process of thinking about relationships in my head started due to a recent not so nice breakup, I realized there was nothing in Quintana Roo that was keeping me here anymore. And although I extended my lease until April next year, I decided that once my ID card is ready I will leave. I will not buy my motorcycle here, or try to get my driverslicense here. I d that in a city with more choice in Motorcycle gear and shops.

When States start to open, travel becomes easier, and when there is no one that keeps me here, I can move on. 

So I plan a trip, I started a count-down, last time I checked with Immigration they told me 70 days more or less, should be about right, for last time that bloody process took 9 months, and with 70 more days I will be around 9 months again for my extension. So from those 70 days 30 have passed. And it should be any day now that I can collect my card. And that is the day, more or less when I leave Playa and hit the road. By buss first, untill I find a city with plenty of coices in Motorcycle and there I will process the rest of my paperwork.

So, roughly that are my plans and that is how life int he little pandemic bubble I call my world is going at the moment. It is boring, but I am getting through, I feel less stuck and with a future plan and the world opening up, I can activate that plan as soon as bureaucracy favours me.

Overall, and considering all, I am doing great. Living the dreamlife again………soon!


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  • Wendy

    Hi Jeanette,
    Nice to know part of our world is opening up again, though it it is not so nice to
    know that your extension is taking a bit too long to process.
    I hope I won’t have this problem of having to wait that long for my card if or when I apply next year. You have been very patient. We can only wish we can move on faster with our plans but there are always obstacles. Hope you continue to have some nice time on the beach.