BMW G 310GS, fix, headlight, vibration
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Our fix for the vibrating head light of the BMW G310GS

It is an awesome motorcycle, the BMW G 310GS, but it has a glitch. The headlight unit vibrates so much that the light beam is all over the place and upcoming traffic constantly thinks you are signaling. 

Besides the friendly impression I make on the road, flashing my lights when I do not flash them, it is terribly annoying in the dark and very dangerous since I blind upcoming traffic and I can’t see my own part of the road.

BMW G310GS, headlight fix, vibration

We are fine-tuning the bikes in preparation for our long motorbike adventure through Mexico

We want to ride a lot off-road, but highways and toll roads are inevitable, so we bought motorcycles that could perform well on both roads. But the head beam of the BMW has disappointed me a lot.

I did not expect it to be hung in rubber from a plastic construction that moves around so much it makes annoying noises and gives me no steady beam whatsoever. It is a cheap solution on a good bike and a shame BMW did this.

BMW G310GS, Headlight fix, vibrating head beam, solution

Many people are looking for a fix and how to remove the headlight unit

And I am not the only one complaining about it. Many BMW G 310GS riders are looking for a solution to fix this vibration of the “floating” headlight unit.

We have studied tons of videos and forum posts before we decided on a fix that worked well for my motorcycle. And although many people say that the headlight unit can be wiggled out easily, we found that that did not work on my Motor. So we had to take it apart piece by piece until we created enough room (flexibility) for the unit to slip out of its place without breaking anything.

We made a video, so you can see what we did! 


It is so simple, so…….does it work?

After the fix, we took the bike out for a ride. Just to see how it handles different types of roads. We did some cobblestone roads, some dirt roads, and asphalt and the problem is solved.

Of course, there is some flexibility left like in any normal headlight unit, but the insane movement is gone, the noise is reduced to a normal noise when riding cobblestones and off-road.

I am very happy with my fix. The rubber we used was from the gas bottle area in Home Depot, some rings to tighten or close off a gas bottle fitting, well, just check the video, we show the details in the video.

Safe riding!