Our luxury week in Cebu City

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We have been in Cebu City many times and we love to spent time in the malls and do some serious shopping. Arnan has even been in the city more often than I am. But for me it was a great pleasure going there. I live on a small island, and not so many essentials are available here. So you usually buy what is available without bothering too much about personal preferences.

I also recently moved to a house where I depend on rain water and when there is little rain, I have to be very careful about the water usage around the house. I take short showers and my water pressure is just enough to rinse my hair after washing it.

That kind of lifestyle is a matter of choice. Arnan chose a more city oriented life over my rural lifestyle. He has to put up with more noise and busy traffic, but he gets the malls and supermarkets and plenty of restaurants to choose from and enough water supply.

Back to our Cebu visit. it was amazing, we went all over the city, visited almost every mall we could find and ended up with filled backpacks full of new clothes. I bought myself a new helmet. In between we dined in the restaurants we like: TGI Friday, Pancake House, Vikings, Burger King, and many others.
We had bagels, croissants, danish and lots of sushi and beef.

Here is an impression of our life in Cebu.


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