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Philippines, cost of living

The cost of living in the month of June, as far as my lifestyle. As I have been emphasizing ever since I started occasionally sharing my cost of living: your cost of living depends on where you live in the Philippines and what your lifestyle is.
If you sit in front of the aircon all day and all night, your cost of living will be so much different only because of your electricity bill. Mine is around 1000 pesos (20 euro) but switches on the aircon and you might end up paying a bill way over 3000 pesos.

Same with rent, my rent is 15k for a 2 bedroom cottage, in a huge garden and a private driveway. But next month due to the implementation of city taxes my rent will go up by 1000 pesos to 16k.
The Philippines is copying the West when it comes to tax strategies, development, housing, social care, and health care. And prices rise quickly in this country.

For example, the prices of Phill Health will be raised by 300%  from this month onward. And many cities start charging city taxes for properties that are rented out.

here is my cost of living for the month of June:

  • rent 15,000
  • electricity 987
  • water 190
  • Fuel MC 1,180
  • Eating out 7,799
  • groceries 4,461
  • clothes 4,329
  • Phone Smart 99 Globe 99
  • gifts 880
  • Helmet MC 4,300
  • travel 1,850

Total 41,174 is 714 Euro or 816 US$ * price 2017

I had some extra expenses since the law on wearing a helmet and proper shoes while riding a motorbike has been implemented and enforced. So regular checkpoints are held and penalties were given.
I bought a black Spyder helmet with sunscreen, the price was 4,300 pesos (74.50 euros) my shoes Merrell’s (with which I can walk in the water also) were on sale for 2800 pesos (48 euros)
I had my tire fixed, 2 holes in my tubeless, cost me 120 pesos (2.08 euro)

So an expensive month for me.
Next month the tune-up and oil change for the motorbike is coming up and I probably need a new gas bottle in the kitchen. But I’m also doing a little experiment to get it clear for myself if it is more expensive to go out for dinner or cook myself.