E-mail Advice Relationships

$ 19.50

Do you have questions about your (international) relationship or dating online?

Let me help you!



Do you have questions about your (international) relationship?

Let me help you!

I can answer your questions about

  • cultural differences
  • long distant relationships
  • relationships doubts
  • being scammed in relationships
  • communication in relationships
  • online dating
  • dating after a long term relationship
  • dating when you are 50+

Talking to you from my own experience and from my study as a stress counsellor I can be your guide through the troubles you experience now. I will not hand you a solution but merely advice you on how to handle or to improve the situation you are in.

How does it work?

  1. You pay on exit,
  2. I receive your order and payment
  3. I contact you (Make sure to enter a valid email address)
  4. you email me with all relevant information*
  5. within 3 working days, I will answer your question.

The speed of this service depends on responsiveness from your side. 


* you buy 1 question! if you have more questions you need to buy more answers. Please read all the information carefully, and be aware that you buy time and knowledge, not a real product. ToS apply at all times.

This service is provided in Dutch and/or English

Additional information

1 question

about your relationship or online dating

1 answer

based on the information you provided

need more answers?

buy more products!


to all my services my ToS apply, you buy time, not a product, therefore refunds are not an option.
My advice is based on experience and knowledge and in no way am I responsible for the outcome of your future life.


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