Emigration Coaching

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This coaching is for

  • emigrants
  • immigrants
  • expats
  • re-migrants

and everyone in between those phases.

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This coaching is for

  • emigrants
  • immigrants
  • expats

and everyone in between those phases.

Emigration is a complicated yet exciting process where practicalities and emotions often create conflicts. Combined with dreams and expectations the time before and after arrival can be confusing.

Some days you feel like you drown in your to-do-list and other days you can’t wait for the departure date.

And there is the women and men difference when you are planning an emigration as a couple. Women prepare differently, they tend to overthink. Where men are all packed and ready to go solving problems on the spot, women like to go over the pros and cons of the decision to move abroad.

You might be in need of a “friend” to confide and to consult

Just someone to talk to that has been through the same. That can give you tips and speak from experience. 

family and friends can act unexpectedly, since they are faced with a loss, of you as a person, of you as a giver and companion. they will experience a breach in their social circle, that suddenly needs a lot of facetime during odd hours.

They even might disapprove, disagree, creating lots of drama. And you can do without all that.

When your emigration plans failed, returning home seems to be the only option, but is it? Are there other options? With your back against the wall, feeling trapped, creativity to solve your issues might fail you. it is nice to talk to a person that has no emotional ties to your situation.

What do you buy when you opt-in for this service?

  • scheduled Telegram, iMessage or Zoom sessions of 1.5 hours (or divided otherwise according to needs)
  • a maximum of 20 hours counseling (consumable within 6 months)

I will:

  • check-in every week to see if you need to talk.
  • keep track of the hours used and communicate the usage with you on a regular base

You can:

  • reach out for help at any time of the day or night and I will respond as soon as I read your message
  • ask me, tell me and confide in me about any topic around your emigration, immigration or expat life


Additional information

You Buy

20 hours of counseling on emigration, re-migration or expat life (consumable withing 6 months)

The rules

The product is valid for 6 months after purchase
The hours will be set at a pre-agreed time per session
We probably live in a different time zone and have to work around that
There is no refund possible when hours are not consumed before the end date or when the coaching is ended before the hours are maxed out
You agreed to the ToS and Privacy policy

1 review for Emigration Coaching

  1. Charlotte

    It was very helpful. especially when you have a lot on your plate. it was nice to talk to a person that is not emotionally involved.

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