General questions on moving abroad by email

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Are you planning on moving abroad and do you have a question that is NOT related to visas or moving to the Philippines?

Let me help you.

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Are you planning on moving abroad and do you have a question that is not related to visas or buying land or property.

Let me help you.


How does it work?

  1. You pay on exit,
  2. I receive your order and payment
  3. I contact you (Make sure to enter a valid email address)
  4. you email me with all relevant information*
  5. within 3 working days, I will answer your question.

The speed of this service depends on responsiveness from your side. 

Example questions:

  • Will it work for me to move abroad
  • How do I know what country is best for me?
  • Am I allowed to work in my new country?
  • How much money do I need approximately?
  • What do I bring and what do I leave behind
  • What to do with my possessions in my home country
  • How do I manage my finances
  • can I move abroad when I’m in debts
  • how can I raise money for a new start
  • at what age can I start my life over
  • what is the best time to leave

* you buy 1 question! if you have more questions you need to buy more answers. Please read all the information carefully, and be aware that you buy time and knowledge, not a real product. ToS apply at all times.

This service is provided in Dutch and/or English

Additional information

1 question

about moving abroad or long term travel (please be specific)

1 answer

based on the information you provided

need more answers?

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to all my services my ToS apply, you buy time, not a product, therefore refunds are not an option.
My advice is based on experience and knowledge and in no way am I responsible for the outcome of your future life.


  1. Tanya

    I had a question about dating a Filipino, Jeanette gave some good advice.

  2. Steve

    It was nice talking to Jeanette, she helped me to move forward.

  3. Michael H.

    Thank you Jeanette for helping me with my questions about the Philippines!

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