Living in the Philippines

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Questions about living or travelling in the Philippines? Then this is your product.

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Planning on moving to the Philippines?
We can chat about your new life in the Philippines and what to expect.

I lived in the Philippines for nearly 4 years, and I have lived in many places. So I have a good insight on what to expect when moving there either in a city or to a rural area.

This is a change of a lifetime, you can have a real conversation with a person who has actually been there.

How does it work:

  • you pay on exit
  • you leave a valid email address on the purchase order
  • I contact you within 24 hours on that email address (I might be in a different time zone)
  • we set time and date for our chat
  • we agree on what medium we use (Telegram, Zoom or iMessage)
  • you give me the questions you have upfront so I can prepare
  • we chat on the set date/time
* Please read all the information carefully, and be aware that you buy time and knowledge, not a real product. My answers are depending on the information you provide and the correctness of that information.



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