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Riding a motorcycle in Mexico City

With the Metropool approaching fast, my nerves grew also. I love riding a motorcycle, but I prefer quiet roads, well paved and the sun in my back. And Mexico City probably offered none of that. On the maps, I saw endless roads, flyovers, red markings for heavy traffic, and tons of roads crossing and bypassing each other. 

So when I finally had to go there I had myself all crazy and worked up about driving in one of the largest cities in the world.

Besides all the traffic insanity I also read stories of people coming up to you and stealing from your bike or demanding stuff while waiting for traffic lights. I and my vivid imagination had a great time on that kind of rumors and stories.

I seriously considered putting away the GoPro and the GPS that are in plain sight. Men, as I said, I was totally worked up and nervous. Lucky for me the road towards the city was awesome. Nature, good road, green, sunlight filtering through the trees. You really had no idea that you were approaching the capital of this huge nation.

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  • 8500km
  • from Cancun to La Paz
  • if possible no toll roads, only libre and small roads
  • right through the heart of Mexico
  • from state to state
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