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Riding a motorcycle through Cancun

Riding a motorcycle in Mexican traffic is a great experience. More than in the Philippines traffic is organized here and people do seem to have a sense of how to behave and the capability of managing a car. We ride on motorcycles through Mexico, doing this epic road trip and today we show you our rides in Cancun.

Where we met a lot of road rage in the Philippines when we did our motorcycle trip there, here in Mexico it is no different. Somehow over the years, people have become very impatient. But in Mexico, we face a lot less danger when it comes to behavior and erratic driving.
People keep lanes, wait (in line) for traffic lights (although when they know the sequence they tend to drive through red a lot), and give way.

I know I should not compare the two countries when it comes to traffic. But one cannot help it, especially when it is such a big part of your daily life.

Traffic in Mexico is more organized

Although still very chaotic at times, traffic in Mexico seems to be more organized. Probably because of departments like Transito and the police being able to pull people over. Something that happened seldom in the Philippines. Not even in the cities.
When there are 3 lanes, usually there are three streams of traffic also at the traffic lights as wherein the Philippines there would be chaos. Everyone waiting in front to get a fast departure.

Although there are many motorcycles on the road in Mexico as well, there are fewer than in the Philippines where the roads are just crowded with scooters. Driving is just as extreme, they maneuver between traffic wherever they can,c coming from all directions and speeding like crazy.

Here are some rides in Cancun

Lot’s of rides on the YouTube channel and if you love to follow our road trip dos subscribe and click the bell sign so you won’t miss any new videos being uploaded. I have gathered some of the rides through Cancun. I hope you enjoy the ride.
We start at Avenida 20 de Noviembre to Avenida Kabah.


The highway to nowhere

In Puerto Juarez, just past Punta Sam, there is this amazing highway ending in a dirt road. It is an amazing stretch of highway to ride, with this beautiful curve. Hardly any traffic……..


Riding the D180 right through Cancun

All roads lead to Rome, right? Well, in Cancun all Avenida’s lead to the D180 which runs through Cancun like an aorta. A busy road with tons of traffic lights and topes.


From asphalt to dirt Cancun has it all

Roads are mostly asphalt in Cancun, with some slippery concrete here and there in Downtown Cancun, but you also find dirt roads, especially when you ride in some of the outskirts of town.


Riding through Cancuns most dangerous areas

Every city has its areas with high crime rates and warnings to not go there, we ride through some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Cancun.


The Hotel Zone by night

You have not seen the city if you have not done the Hotel Zone. A beautiful stretch of highway passing the most luxurious hotels in the world. Watch out for the sunken sewer covers though, they make crazy designed potholes.


Download our motor rides through Mexico

We have our most epic rides available for you in GPX so you can ride them yourself. You can download them for free here (click). New files will be uploaded regularly since my son and I are on this epic motorcycle trip from Yucatan Peninsula to Bajaj California Sur.