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Seaweed in Cancún and Playa del Carmen, a September update

When I write this blogpost it is September 2019 and the battle against Sargasso is ongoing in Puerto Morellos, Cancún and Playa del Carmen. But how bad is it at the moment with the winter season setting in and the wind turning from south to north?

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The yellow barrier is up for weeks now in Playa del Carmen, but it does not seem to make a big difference. The workers daily removed tons of seaweed from the beaches. And many clever inventors have come up with a solution on what to do with the Sargasso waste. You can build houses from it, make sandals, use it to produce electricity, you can even reproduce it for animal feed and even fertilizer.

All well, but when I am at the beach I do not want to think about all that, I just want the amazingly clear water of the Caribbean Sea and enjoy a clean beach.

Well, we are almost there. The wind shifting to the north has not only brought us cooler air but also seems to have freed us from the endless overload of seaweed.
We’re not quite there yet, the wind may shift back some days, but as predicted, the biggest trouble is behind us.

Seaweed season is roughly from March till December, and the peak months are June, July and August, after that, it starts clearing up

The waters here and there are still a bit muddy looking, with tiny specs of seaweeds floating around creating a coffee-grind-like experience when swimming, especially near the Cozumel Ferry, but further down Playacar, and halfway up to Punta Esmeralda it looks pretty clean.
As does it in Cancún.

There is still some seaweed, but not those huge matrasses of floating brownish green in high contrast with the turquoise sea. Some swimmers come out of the water with handsful of seaweed helping out to clear the waters, and the workers are still there, clearing the beaches for the perfect beach experience.

Curious how bad things can get during seaweed season?

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Seaweed problem in Cancún in 2019

As I walk the beaches and try to avoid the seaweed that is covering the white sand at the shores ...

The days the wind shifts back, within 24 hours beaches do like like this again

But most of the days, when the wind is north, it is a pleasure again to spend some time at the beach.

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