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Sex and Travel, how do I as a solo female traveler stay safe

Exotic men, strange places, incognito status, maybe even, starry nights and a full moon….all ingredients for a romantic night are there when you travel.

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and right into your daredevil state of mind. After all, as a solo female traveler, you know your way around?

Too much confidence and too many lonely nights can be very complicated to handle as a single on the road. Well at least for me it is.
I’m not that ‘one-night-stand-kind-of-woman and yet that is most of the time all I have to offer if I want sex on the road.

And I do get attached way to easy after sex, so time for me to set some ground rules.

Every guy I date, whether it is an hour, a day or even a month is a stranger to me. We, most likely, do not understand each other’s culture to well, and we all have different sets of rules. It will be hard to anticipate behavior and sexual preferences.
I do not know my sex partners’ values or motives. And I may travel in a country where white women are seen as easy to get or have less value than cattle.
And even if I do understand some of the cultural dating rules, I might be in for a surprise when it comes to rules in the bedroom

Be cautious about the culture you want to start sleeping around in

Sex will happen in a reclusive, private space. Well at least, that has my preference. By going to a private place with a stranger I make myself more vulnerable. So I do not show loads of cash, valuables and other stuff, I have things like my laptop and camera tucked away safely in the hotel safe, a drawer or anything. Out of sight is away from temptation.

In most destinations I do not have a backup – no friends in the area or family to call. I have no one who knows the person I’m with. Another reason for caution, especially with a one night stand.
If I’m around longer and really like a guy that much he could end up in my bed, I can ask around a little.
And maybe even let someone, other than a best friend in a different time zone, know that I’m off for a love night with him.
Needless to say that in case of doubt I should not go. A red flag is a red flag. I have to be aware of those in every country and situation, not only when I travel.

In the end, it is not only about lust, but also about trust

Everywhere in the world, you have to practice safe sex. So that’s no different when you travel.
I guess to use your common sense is the wisest rule when traveling solo. Also when you want to have sex on your journey.

  • Make sure you have condoms with you at all times, but also be aware of the fact that condoms bought in one country may not fit a man’s penis in another country. or every man’s penis for all that matters.
  • Make sure your partner has certain hygiene, taking a shower before hitting the sheets can be very stimulating
  • Make sure you choose the place, that lessens your vulnerability
  • Make sure you are safer than sorry and don’t do alcohol or drugs, keep a clear head
  • Make sure you have ground rules set for yourself about staying all night, having breakfast together or even traveling together for a while.

And last but not least:

  • Make sure your partner knows that you are only in for the sex, that no relationships are waiting at the horizon, for beyond that horizon awaits only your next travel destination.

Actually, sex and travel is not such a big deal,  it is all a matter of common sense

Some women stay far away from sex and travel. Just to be on the safe side. I’m not sure if I can manage. I run into some cute men every now and then and that is why I gave the subject some thought. Life is also about fun and not only about cautious living and playing it safe.

And not every man you meet is a lying scumbag with an STD out to scam you.

Just be aware that some of them could be.

For the rest: just have fun!


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