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Sex with a Mexican Man

Mexican men breathe sexuality and they all believe that your life will never be the same without having the pleasure of sleeping with them. They boast about sexual experience and how good a lover they make, but do they live up to the expectations they create?

Dating a Mexican man is quite an experience

I have been using Facebook dating to find a man that might be my Mexican knight in shining armour. I do not think many white women are on Facebook Dating in Mexico since the response is overwhelming. From toyboys looking for a sugar mama to grandpa’s looking for a second wife, they all passed my mailbox.

With so much choice I can be choosy. So non-smokers, preferably no party animals, and most important single! Since many Mexican men do not mind having a wife on the side, I do mind being that wife or being in a relationship where I have the privilege of being the first wife, only to share my partner with a few others.

I realize I am on a quest here since sex is a thing in Mexico. The abundance of love hotels is only physical proof of how often people here need a room for an hour. The other proof is the endless recommendations of Facebook for pages where you can hook up for casual sex, any kind of sex. bisexual, under aged, trio, to get pregnant, you name it, it is available here in Mexico.

Being raised in the Dutch bible belt as a child, some of my past indoctrinations stuck with me over the years. And for me, monogamy is a must, but I also like to keep my intimate life a bit under the covers. Although my readers might think I splash everything all over the internet, that is only half true. There is so much more about me than what you see on my social media.

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Size does matter

With the overkill of likes and messages on Facebook Dating, I take out my wishlist. Usually, I do not have one, since every person is unique and to find that one person that checks all the boxes is a dream I let go of many years ago. But now, maybe it is wise to follow the checklist for a little clarity and to save me some time.

Living in Riviera Maya, Yucatan, there are plenty of men available that are smaller than my 1.68 cm. Since I like my man to be the same size or preferably a bit taller, I skip all of them. Most of them reply to the rejection with how big they are down under.

I am not impressed. If the size of their private parts is larger than their height can carry, they will look out of proportions anyway, and since a penis to most women is a funny object to look at, (let’s be honest, God must have had a laugh when he created penisses!!??) I can predict I will laugh my pants off when I have a 1.50 meter Mexican in my room with a dick almost up to his neck.

Women: Let’s not believe all we hear on the dating site as we do also not believe all the pet names given to us and the hasty proposals for marriage and monogamous relationships.

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The average Penis size in Mexico

Like I said I like to keep some of my private life to myself. But you may have guessed already that I have not personally checked out the promised cocks offered to me. (blame it in the bible belt, or my disinterest for boasting men) So some information in this article comes from honest research. Also because I want to give any man the benefit of the doubt about his measuring skills when it comes to caught fish and penis sizes.

When I google I find that the average penis size in Mexico is about the same size as the Filipino penis sizes.

But with an average penis size of 5 cm flaccid and 15 cm hard (depending on the turn-on) Mexican men also score a little under average when I remember the Dutch penis sizes.

Of course like anywhere in the world in Mexico you have exceptions to the rule and there are showers and growers.

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What is it you prefer ladies? A shower or a grower?

We women, tend to believe that a penis is much larger than an average penis actually is. And it is a fact that circumcised penisses are smaller than non-circumcised penisses. Not a lot, but shorter anyway.

We women, tend to look at the pants and try to guess what we see there, and then there are the tales of shoesize and hand size equaling penis size,  but ladies, not all that shows is reality.

There are showers and growers. Showers are the guys with the candy roll in the pants, or a sock roll. Growers are the guys that show you how excited they get when they see you.

Since showers don’t always promise huge growth, I prefer a grower. Always nice to see a penis rise to its full length knowing that I am the turn-on for that spectacle.

You can have a shower, but when it doesn’t grow much, then you still may not have a deep pleasure. But it is always kind of a surprise what we feel when we arouse him and then what we get to see once he drops his pants, isn’t it?

Have you ever been disappointed in what finally showed up when you got him naked? Tell me, ladies? I’d like to know.

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Sex with a Filipino man

The girls on my Facebook and on my YouTube Channel know I have been dating and I do get a ...


It is about skills

I am a strong believer that size does not really matter. It is all about skills. Although I never had the experience of having sex with a man with a small erected penis. So, feel free to prove me wrong on the “skills only” in the comment section ladies.
For me, it is important if a man is attentive and knows his way around a woman’s body without much verbal instruction on my side. That makes up for any penis size that is not too big to handle. Add to that the knowledge that only the first few centimetres of our vagina’s produce a feel, and that deep penetration does not give a man that pressure and tightness he needs to orgasm, a large penis is not a must.

A thick penis, on the other hand, gives more pleasure than a thin one and a very hard one more than a softer one.
A curved penis might have a certain appeal when it comes to penetrating and G-spot, but I prefer a straight hard penis, no weird bents, curves or shapes. Because straightforwardness works well in all positions.

And I prefer circumcised. But that is a matter of personal preference. To me, a circumcised penis is cleaner.

Mexican men lovers

Do Mexicans make good lovers?

In my experience, Mexican men think they are very skilled in bed. And since I had only one  two men to prove it so far, the rest of the information I got from sexting and chatting with Mexican men.  They seem to know their way around a female body, whether or not that is from experience or watching porn.

Mexicans do give oral sex, no worries ladies, almost all the men I talked to promised me a good oral experience, mostly in pictures. I think Mexican men are very graphic. They love to visualize rather than to vocalize.

The talk between the sheets is less than the talk in the streets.

I think when you have sex with a Mexican man, in general, it is a lot about him being horny and less about you getting satisfied. That is not a proven fact, but it is a given idea I get from research and talking to men in Mexico. And from the two lovers, I’ve had experience with. They are very selfish. It is a macho culture, with a lot of traditional gender roles, and men are the boss in the house, the men beat the drum and women follow. Also in bed. They love the role of being the initiators, the aggressors, the seducers.

They will caress you, go down on you, lick or bite your nipples, but their main goal will be their own orgasm. So make sure you tell them what you need to have your own orgasm.

How was my experience?

As for my practical experience, the first night for me only proves I am not a one-night-stand person. I need to get used to a man to fully relax and enjoy, no matter how skilled he is in bed, I kept my reservations. I need to discover, smell, taste, get used to and cuddle. And my first night with my first Mexican lover was not so much about discovering bodies but more about the end game: to orgasm. My second partner was much more into cuddling, but also less about pleasing me, he had, even after some instructions no clue.

For me, I love to lay in the bed, cuddle, snooze a bit, eat some soft fruits or chocolate and create more intimacy than you do with a fuck buddy.

My first date definitely was a fuck-boy, he never cared much about me. My second date was much more intense, all over the place and in for a good time for both. More skilled also, but he missed the spot and was very egoistical. It was his way, his favorite position, and my wishes were not heard. Even worse, both wanted sex all the time, and when you refuse they push and push, and even when you do not respond have it their way anyway.

My first experience was like re-enacting porn, my second was more about making love

My first date actually was not a kosher guy so to speak, he tried to film without consent.  Went rough without asking and left bruises and bite marks. He never communicated, he just did what he felt like. And my “no” simply meant he tried it again a little later or in a slightly different way.

Seks for me is consensual, you talk, you ask if you can go rough and stop means stop. Sex to me is the ultimate form of intimacy. That takes some getting used to and some work.

But the key factor is communications. And we never communicated, he did not communicate, he says he had the skill of knowing,  Well he knew nothing. I’ve had better lovers in the past half his age and with less experience.

My second lover, well we do not communicate well since we have a huge language barrier, but it is much more consensual and intimate. But still, it is a lot about him and a lot less about me.

With both lovers I never orgasmed. For two reasons:

  1. They simply had no clue how to excite a woman enough for her to orgasm,  and they were too focused on themself and how they performed that it almost made me laugh
  2. I did not want to be at my most vulnerable with them for I did not trust them, especially number one after he tried to film me and since both did not respect any boundaries when it comes to rough sex I hold back a lot.

So many men, so many sex preferences I guess

I know these men do not represent the entire Mexican male population, but there was a pattern in the guys I was chatting and sexting with.  The eagerness, the drive to talk too soon about sex, the eagerness to lie about their relationship status and the selfish behaviour I meet, tells me I am dating in a country that is stuck in a role pattern that does not match with mine. I mean, I never had a man before ask me in the very first question if I shaved or waxed since he did like a full bush and did not want to waste time on a waxed woman.

I guess you have to be pretty selective dating in Mexico.

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A few tips around dating and sex in Mexico

Actually, these tips are for anyone anywhere in the world, but dating and having sex in a macho culture may give conflicts with your own cultural background, so be aware of that and try to have some sort of conversation about the kind of sex you are going to have. Not all men talk vanilla sex, and not all men respect women equally, even if they charm you out of your pants beforehand.

  • Use a condom, with the open-minded casual sex going on here in Mexico make sure you are protected
  • If you do not want to use a condom get tested, there are laboratories for bloodwork on almost every street corner
  • Talk about sexual boundaries
  • Talk about mutual consent (that includes taking photos and video)
  • If you do a one-nighter, make sure you are sober enough to know what you are doing and with whom and where you are doing it
  • If you are a traveller and you have picked up a local for the night, make sure your valuables are not laying around your room, it makes you vulnerable to theft
  • If you are an older female traveller, and you have picked up a young date for the night, know that he will say anything as long as you spoil him. Keep putting his words and the conversations in perspective.
  • If you are an older male traveller picking up a (younger) local woman, treat her with respect, even if you pay her afterwards. Too often I have seen girls walking home in the early morning light, looking like rape victims rather than a satisfied female.
  • If you fall in love and consider a relationship, make sure you know that your life will change forever. And that you might need to relocate yourself or your partner, which includes paperwork and finances.

Dating in a different culture can be more fun than dating and having sex in your own culture, for it enhances your sexual experience, but always make sure that you know who you are dating and that what you do is consensual.