Holbox summer vacation 2020
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Summer vacation in Holbox in 2020

The little island of Holbox remained COVID19 free during the pandemic, they closed the island and removed all foreigners in the early stages of the pandemic. How will Holbox handle the re-opening of tourism in Quintana Roo?

Semaforo Tourism Mexico 1

Mexico is working its way out of the epidemic through a system called Semaforo

On the road to recovery from a total shutdown of tourism with a virus that is highly contagious and still going around, not only in Mexico but worldwide, Mexico is taking precautions to make sure both tourist and workers will be safe during the coming years ar the world waits for a vaccine.

In Holbox and the rest of Riviera Maya, this means that hotels and tourist attractions can have a proof of safe measurements that guarantee a COVID-19 free stay by applying for a certificate that shows the hotel or attractions does everything according to government laws and regulations to keep both workers and tourists safe.

  • This includes sanitation stops and checkpoints at the main entrance
  • different ways of transport back and forth between the airport to the hotel
  • new rules for buffets and restaurants
  • and for the time being only a 25-30% occupation of rooms.

Working with a colour code referred to as “Semaforo” (traffic light) All of Quintana Roo, that includes Holbox, today when writing this article on May 31is orange.

Holbox has announced not to follow the Semaforo, and reopen at June 8, but to wait until July 1. 

Hotel chains that re-open on June 8 are:

  • Mayakobá,
  • Marriot,
  • Barceló,
  • Vidanta,
  • Catalonia,
  • Maroma,
  • Dreams,
  • El Dorado,
  • Princess,
  • Palladium,
  • Hilton,
  • Princess
  • Iberostar


Smaller hotels in Quintana Roo will reopen after July 1.

Airbnb has announced to follow state ordinance, so it is my good guess as Experience host that booking will be accepted through Airbnb from July 1.

new normal in mexico tourism

What to expect when booking a vacation in the “New Normal”?

You will notice a difference starting at the airport when you arrive by plane. There will be checks, sanitisation and corridors.
From there the public transport and transfer provided by the hotel will be different from what you might be used to. There will be smaller groups, fewer people on the bus or minivan.

At the ferry, you will have new checkpoints again, next to the regular safety checks.
You have to wear facemasks. Face Masks are mandatory in Quintana Roo.

Instead of walking up to the front desk for check-in, you will first pass sanitary filters, where your temperature will be measured and you will be instructed on behaviour, hotel sanitisation policies and you have to sanitise before entering the hotel.

This will make the check-in procedure longer, but you can imagine it is for your own safety, the safety of the workers and for those back home to whom you return afterwards.

tourism semafoor Quintana Roo

You will enter Holbox in the New Normal

By the time Holbox will accept visitors they will be open, shops, beaches, restaurants. All int he new normal. Meaning that you will have to clean your hands a lot and will be offered a lot of antibacterial gel. You have to wear a facemask in public, follow hotel guidelines for distancing and restaurants will have lesser tables and special rules for buffet and all you can eat.

Book your stay in Mexico

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*Disclaimer: Mexico is eager to restart tourism, from every 10 pesos earning for the State of Quintana Roo 5 come from tourism. And the sector provides so many job opportunities for people that now lost theirs due to COVID 19, rules may have changed since I wrote this article. Under no circumstances am I responsible for the booking and outcome of your travels to Quintana Roo.