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    Italy by train, how to buy train tickets?

    When you travel to Italy try to take a train to get yourself from one location to another. The trains are very comfortable, even the local ones and the scenery is beautiful. If you do travel by train in Italy…

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    Visit Rome in Winter

    Moving from the sunny and hot Philippines to Italy, Rome is quite shocking, not only because of the contrast of daily living but also because of the climate change, especially when you arrive in winter. I moved from a blazing…

  • Moving to Spain from another European country
    Moving Abroad,  Spain

    I want to live in Spain

    For Europeans it is easy to move to Spain, the European Union and Schengen Zone offers free travel to its citizens. That makes it hassle-free to just move to another country and start a life there. They only rule one…

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    What visa do I need to travel to Europe?

    The Eurozone has an alliance with all countries plus some extra countries to create a border-free zone, called ‘Schengen’. That means that within the Schengen zone you can travel free with no border checks and you only need to apply…