• Italy,  Spain

    What visa do I need to travel to Europe?

    The Eurozone has an alliance with all countries plus some extra countries to create a border-free zone, called ‘Schengen’. That means that within the Schengen zone you can travel free with no border checks and you only need to apply…

  • Kingsday netherlands 2015
    The Netherlands

    Kingsday Festival in the Netherlands

    So many tourists still come for Queensday to the Netherlands on April 30th. It is amazing. So many that the city of Amsterdam actually organized a special party for all the pity-tourists that came 3 days to late. Three days too…

  • Dutch Sunset
    The Netherlands

    Dutch Sunset, my 5 most favorite

    Don’t we all love them: Those beautiful pictures of the sun painting the sky in all red, orange and like 50 shades of blue. I think every person int he world can fall still over beautiful sunset. I’m looking forward…

  • The Netherlands

    Where to find Dutch Hunebeds

    Off on a road trip to the east of the Netherlands to the picturesque village of Borger in Drenthe. In Borger, you can visit the Hunebed Centre next to the largest still existing hunebed (ancient burial place) in the Netherlands.…

  • Prison Netherlands
    The Netherlands

    Prison in the Netherlands

    On my last tour through the Netherlands, my best friend and I planned to visit the prison museum in Veenhuizen. We both read the Dutch book ‘Pauper Paradise’, telling the story of families that were sent to the correctional colonies…

  • Typical Dutch URk
    Daily Life

    Early summer morning in the Netherlands

    The blue sky gives away the promise of a hot day. In the Netherlands ‘hot’ is defined with the temperature well above 25º Celsius. Low humidity and hardly any wind, or wind coming from overland and not sea-wind. Sea wind…

  • foodshack in Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Amsterdam Surprises

    I’m Dutch and I’ve visited Amsterdam many times. I even lived there part-time for a few years. But the city of Amsterdam surprises me even today. Once you leave the traditional tourist paths and go where the Dutch go, you…

  • Amsterdam free tourist attractions
    The Netherlands

    Amsterdam crowd watching

    Amsterdam is busy, always, but especially in early spring and summer days, and it is common and fun to go out, sit down somewhere and watch the crowd. With a beer and some ‘bitterballen’, meet up with friends and comment…