• Let me show you the colours of Mexico

    Let me show you the Colours of Mexico

    Mexico is colourful, that goes without saying. The land of taco’s and burritos has rich folklore when it comes to colours. The Mayans created a turquoise paint that still remains to be seen in artefacts and seems to last for…

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    Off the beaten path: Cancún treasures

    Most people visiting Cancún stay in the Hotel zone and some drift of to Mercado 28 or Walmart, not many wander about in the city and I found myself on the bus several times with people pointing out to me…

  • Maya ruins Cancun, Mexico

    El Rey Archaeological Zone in Cancun Mexico

    It is worth a quick visit before going to the beautiful Playa Delfines, or after you have visited the Maya Museum just a little down the road: El Rey Archaeological Zone, with the remains of Maya culture and explanation about…

  • Philippines

    Samar and Leyte, my best travel pictures

    Doing a motorcycle road trip through Samar and Leyte is amazing. Nature there is stunning. We took a lot of roads away from the highway, for the Pan-Philippine Highway is very very busy, since it connects the Manila area with…

  • Philippines

    I miss the Magic of Dumaguete

    I really was looking forward to my visit to Dumaguete. After all: I’ve been watching all those videos about the place on YouTube during my preparations. So I kind of had the feeling I would know the place. How wrong…

  • Dutch Sunset
    The Netherlands

    Dutch Sunset, my 5 most favorite

    Don’t we all love them: Those beautiful pictures of the sun painting the sky in all red, orange and like 50 shades of blue. I think every person int he world can fall still over beautiful sunset. I’m looking forward…