• Mexican Immigration Form

    The Mexico Immigration Form

    Planning to travel to Mexico but you are confused about what kind of visa you need? No worries! Mexico has very easy visa rules. You probably won’t even need a visa. Most people visiting Mexico can enter the country on…

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    Waiting time Resident Permit Cancun

    This week I finally collected my temporary resident card at the Immigration office in Cancun. It was a hideous wait full of uncertainties since the process is rather obscure and unclear. I learned a few things: Bureaucracy in Mexico is…

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    Immigration Status Mexico explained

    The process of obtaining your temporary resident card in Mexico after arrival with your pre-approved visa from the consulate is a procedure done totally in Spanish. 

And although many people hire a lawyer to do this so-called “tramite” for them,…

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    I made a mistake with my visa payment in Mexico

    Applying for a temporary resident visa for Mexico is easy, believe me, all the paperwork you need to get together and present to the embassy, the consular interview, all a piece of cake. Once you are entering Mexico the hardest…