Temporary Resident in Mexico, extension for 3 years

After arriving in Mexico you change your pre-approved visa and FMM form for your Temporary Resident card. This will allow you one year of stay in Mexico.

Once that year has passed you can extend up to three more years. Your total stay as a Permanent Resident cannot exceed 4 years.

A lot of people hire a lawyer for this process. Because they are under the assumption that it makes a difference once filed or that the process of renewing your Resident Card is very complicated.

But you can save a lot of US$ by doing this yourself. Some lawyers ask around 200-400 US$ for the service and it is money wasted, for once your papers are stamped and ready to be processed you end up in the same pile as everybody else and your waiting time (Which is extremely long in Cancun and Playa del Carmen) will be just as long.

But how difficult is it and what do you need to extend your Temporary Resident Card?

It is not difficult at all, especially when you have your NUE number or a CURP number. After all, you are in the system already.

It is all in Spanish, that is true and you have to know your way around the digital system, especially with the new payment order you have to print yourself. But once you have the right paperwork filled out and printed, you are done. You hand in the documents you receive the confirmation letter and application number and watch the process online.

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For those willing to give it a try, I made a step by step guide to help you through all the paperwork.

The guide includes the links to all the right websites, lists of Xerox copies you need, as well as the forms and request-letter in Spanish that you need for the application. The guide helps you step-by-step through the forms and the new payment order slip.

The guide will save you the trips to Information, all information is in the guide, work through the process yourself (it will only take like half an hour or so) and after filing you can spend those dollars on a fun thing to do!

Buy your Temporary Resident Extension Guideline here!

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