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The BMW Black Collection and SW Motech side carrier, does it fit?

Many people probably wonder, just like I have if the BMW Black collection fits on a Sw motech, slc side carrier. When we look at the BMW promotion video for the side bags, we get a glimpse of the click system, and it looks the same. Yet the bags are way too expensive to gamble, and sending an email to sellers, or making a phone call with BMW does not get you a straight answer. 

Since BMW Cancun did not have the bags and told me straight out the thought it would not fit. I decided to visit the next BMW dealer once I started my road trip through Mexico. With my Dry Specs packed and already on the go, I knew changing bags was a gamble. because: Would it all fit? With the limited space that I had with the DrySpecs the BMW Black Collection was a few liters less, or so they say.

God was I surprised when I saw the bags in real life. We checked over and over again, both the dealer and I if the bags he got from storage really were the large bags. For we could not believe our eyes when we held them next to the DrySpecs which are 20 liters each.

Well, check for yourself.  Spoiler alert: In the end, I decided not to buy them, for several reasons. 



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