The Motorcycle Road trips in foreign countries

I love riding motorbikes. Once in the Philippines, fed up with public transport I decided to get my driver’s license for a motor. A longtime dream of mine.

I started out on a Yamaha ZS 150 and outgrew that bike pretty fast realizing I needed something bigger to maintain my safety riding in the road rage in the Philippines.

The bigger bike, a Kawasaki Dominar 400 came with more respect from other drivers. More power and more safety.

Highlights from the trips through the Philippines are:

  • The Bicol old Zag-Zag Route
  • The San Juanico Bridge
  • Devils Mountains on Mindoro
  • The Tagaytay Area round Lake Taal
  • The island of Siquijor
  • Samar and Leyte
  • And Riding the coastal road on Bohol.

But there are plenty more great roads and amazing views I passed riding the Philippines. I did several short trips and one 8 months long trip with all my luggage on the bike. It was epic!


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Lady Rider in the Philippines

The videos of the many road trips through the Philippines, mostly together with my son are on the Leaving Holland YouTube Channel. You will see some pretty ugly road rage, some awesome landscapes, and some amazing roads we drive there. And the cities we passed through. I think the best memory was the Ashes bursting from Mount Mayon while passing there, that was an unforgettable moment. That I did get on camera while driving.

Do subscribe to the YouTube Channel, at the moment I am preparing a road trip through Mexico. My new country.

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Lady Rider in Mexico

For Mexico, I am still preparing. I had a few bikes I wanted to take out for a test ride

  • The Kawasaki Versys X -300 (2020 model?)
  • The BMW 310 GS
  • TheBajaj (Kawasaki) Dominar 400 (2020 model)

I have decided on the BMW G 310 GS, the perfect bike for on and off-road here in Mexico.
Bags are ordered, mounts are arriving, little modifications to the bike are made, the map is up the wall and it is time to take test rides, and set out a route. The approximate departure date for this big adventure is around Juli 2021 if COVID 19 allows.

I am looking for sponsor deals.

I can’t wait to ride in Mexico!!


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