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Motorcycle Road Trip In Mexico

From Pueblo to Pueblo, taking roads not many people take, will describe our road trip through Mexico the best I think. We will try to avoid Caretera’s and Cuotas as much as we can. Knowing that that will take us way out of our comfort zone.

My son and I will be heading from the Yucatan Peninsula to Baja California Sur by motorcycle. And we will do so by riding through pueblo’s to meet the real Mexico.

After we have lived over 2 years in the Riviera Maya area we are tired of tourism and the fake Mexican shows that are on display here. The hotspots everyone goes and takes the same photos like millions of others have taken before them and will be taking after them. We want to see the country, meet the people and experience the real culture of this wonderful nation.

BMW motorcycle road trip mexico

And you can ride with us!

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BMW G310GS, Headlight fix, vibrating head beam, solution

Are you considering riding a motorcycle in Mexico?

When you visit Mexico and you consider riding a motorcycle here, we have put our experiences in articles for you to have a head start in finding your way through the proper channels.

Getting your drivers license

What visa do you need to buy a motorcycle?

How to get valid insurance in Mexico and what legal consequences do I have to keep in mind

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