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Motorcycle Road Trip in the Philippines

Riding a motorcycle was a long-cherished dream for me. In the Philippines, it finally became part of my daily life. After traveling around the archipelago by bus and missing lots of fun spots or paying huge amounts on transportation to remote places, it was time to get my license and a motorcycle. 

This section of the website is still under construction, more articles of amazing rides from the road trip through the Philippines will be uploaded regularly.

You can download a lot of our rides in Mexico and even some in the Philippines here (<== click)

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At the moment I am riding in Mexico. Also a lot of fun, but the scenery and nature in the Philippines will be forever in my memories. What an awesome country to ride.

I rode two motorcycles in the Philippines, I started on a small 150CC Yamaha SZ150, and when I realized I could handle bigger I fell in love with the Kawasaki Dominar 400, not the wisest decision, but it was love at first sight. Off-road this motor is not performing very well because it is very low, but I must say, even off-road I rode it with pleasure. It was an awesome motorcycle.

I hope you will follow me on my road trip through Mexico! Thanks for visiting here. 


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