The San Juanico bridge connecting Samar and Leyte

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During the Marcos government the Philippines constructed the San Juanico bridge, crossing the San Juanico Straight, between Samar and Leyte provinces. It is known as the longest bridge in the Philippines and part of the famous Pan Philippine Highway, connecting North and South of the Philippines. The busiest road in the whole country.

We were so looking forward crossing that enormous and impressive structure! And it was awesome.

We crossed three times! Once with camera focussing on good shots and a second time to enjoy the view and the experience and of course since we were heading down south we had to go back in the Tacloban direction. We loved evey meter of that bridge! And the views……

We take motorcycle trips through the Philippines. in 2017 and 2018 we took a 6 months trips taking us through many provinces and cities. Crossing the San Juanico bridge is part of that trip.