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Things you probably did not know about KL Twin Towers

One of the many landmarks in Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Twin Towers, connected by the Skybridge you can see them almost from every part of the city. Did you know that:

  • they are the tallest twin towers in the world, but not the tallest buildings anymore, they lost that title in 2004 to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  • their total floors are 88 of which 5 below ground
  • there are a total of 40 elevators in each tower
  • both towers had different main contractors while being build
  • at the foot of the Twin Towers is Suria KLCC with a huge brand orientated mall, science centre, art gallery and aquarium
  • Twin Towers is surrounded by a park that makes a good leisure area
  • you can see a cemetery right at the foot of the Twin Towers between the office buildings
  • the sky bridge is a double pathway between the two towers connecting the 41st and 42nd floor
  • the sky-bridge is the highest two-story sky bridge in the world
  • the towers have their own chiller plant system and cooling towers for climate control inside the towers and mall
  • the towers were scenery for many movies like Entrapment, Independence Day and Totally Spies, but also for a few computer games.
  • there is a strict entering policy for visitors who are instructed on safety and facts
  • ticket lines can be long and visit time is limited and strictly monitored
  • you have to pass an impressive international airport-like security check before entering the visitors’ area
  • the towers close at 9 pm so you can also watch Kuala Lumpur after dark
  • tickets for adults are 80RM which is around 19 US$ per person per visit
  • you first visit the sky bridge and after that, you go to the most upper floor accessible for non-maintenance people
  • there is a special website to explain all to help you prepare your visit?

And then there is the view! I hope you enjoy it:

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