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Travel Photography: Church Domes in Mexico

I always loved taking photos of lines of sight, architecture, and structures. Domes is one of my favorite subjects.  Needless to say that the moment I went to explore Mexico I indulged myself in this topic. There are so many beautiful churches and cathedrals in Mexico.

I have done a topic on churches in Mexico on this website before. (Visit: Travel Photos: Beautiful Mexican Churches) Today I want to show you the 12 best photos I took inside Mexican Cathedrals all over the country. From Merida, to Guadalajara, from Puebla to Valladolid and from Mexico City to Oaxaca. If there was a cathedral or a dome, and if that cathedral was open (For many were closed due to COVID) I visited and took photos

Today I show you a selection of the 12 most beautiful I have seen. They are beautiful because of decoration or structure, or even symmetry.

If you click on a photo the image will enlarge so you can see more detail.




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