Travel photos and tips for great photos

Looking for travel photos to get in the mood? While traveling the world I have taken so many pictures, and I realized nobody gets to see them except me. So new on Floating Coconut website is the category “Travel photos”, including tips to make stunning photos yourself.

Since I have quit Instagram and Facebook and recently even Twitter, I realized nobody gets to see my photos anymore, except incidentally used photos to decorate my blogs. That is a shame, for I have so many stunning photos from all over the world. So I have decided on a new category where I will show them to all of you. (read: I quit Facebook and Instagram

Once I sold my photos it was part of my income as a digital nomad

In the past, as a semi-professional photographer, I used a platform for selling my photos but with all the new tax regulations worldwide and the fees going up like crazy, the stock photo disappearing more and more from websites, I realized it was time to withdraw my photos and change my income flows.

it is never wise to put all your eggs in one basket as a digital nomad and I was happy I had the flexibility to stop selling photos when my profit became next to nothing and was not in comparison with the work I put into it.

But I never stopped taking photos!!

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I take photos almost every day everywhere, there is always something that catches my eye

Let me share my photo tips with you so you can improve your own photography and make it worthwhile to show photos to others.

  1. it is about the moment, you have to see the moment, the exact light, the exact movement, you have to be just ahead of that perfect moment, for your shutter needs time to capture it. So if you can almost foresee when it will be at its peak, you make a great photo. For this, you need a steady hand, and you need to relax. it is not a matter of taking lots of photos, it is a matter of being able to see it, and you can train yourself to see it.
  2. it is about balance, a good photo is balanced in its composition. it has a clear view of the total topic, the horizon is horizontal (unless you don’t mean it to be horizontal), and there is no distraction. Surroundings should complement the topic or emphasize it. But never disturb it.
  3. it is about authenticity, a good photo reflects who you are. No need for filters to spice it up. As a matter of fact, I dare to say that a perfect photo does not need any filters. And it is worthless to see many photos appearing on the internet with the same background and color schemes. It makes life fake and in most cases, it has nothing to do with creativity. Unless you want a special style to outstand the crowd, you can use filters, but then it becomes your signature. A signature is authentic. My signature is “What I see is what you get”. I learned to take photos long before the digital era, and when you took a photo back then it was either good or useless.
  4. it is about light, or the lack of it. Light can make or break your photo. Light either emphasizes a subject or blurs it, make sure you always know about light, where is the sun, where is your object and what position should you take as a photographer to use light for the benefit of a great photo. Light can create momentum. Like waiting for a cloud to appear, or disappear. Try to avoid flash.
  5. it is about emotion, a photo should stir something inside of you or your viewers. Even without a filter. It is about creating momentum, a memory, capturing something that otherwise fades in time.

So, here are my travel photos, I wish you happy viewing!


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