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Travel Photos, Awesome murals in Playa del Carmen

Mexico equals murals and some are stunning. I have seen some awesome murals during my stay in Mexico and I am sure I will find more. They are vibrant and full of color and even the older ones are still amazing to see even though they sometimes look a bit rundown. 

Murals are part of Mexico’s heritage, and they always tell a story. Whether it is history or culture, something we should not forget, or just what is inside a building or the company goals, they all have a meaning.

Murals go back a long way in Mexico and you find them everywhere. For me, it is kind of walking through a giant storybook. Some murals really draw me in. And when even the Urban Jungle of wasteland underneath the highway flyover is used as a kind of art gallery my heart sings. I love it. I enjoy it, I sometimes just go out for a mural walk, with or without customers.

I have selected for you the nine most stunning and interesting murals I found in Playa del Carmen, trust me it was difficult to select them, for there are so many! As I walk my 10.000 steps every day through Playa del Carmen while living there, every corner I turned held a surprise.

When you click on the image it will enlarge, and if you want to see more travel photos from my journeys all over the world, click the category “travel Photos” in the website menu above this post.

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