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Travel Photo’s, Images of Mexico

Sometimes our perception of a country is fed by travel brochures and media. Especially google Images shows us a filtered view of the world. Mexico for example isn’t half as colorful as we believe. During my motorcycle trip from Cancun to La Paz, I saw more concrete buildings than I could have ever imagined in this country of color and history. 

In today’s travel photos I show you Mexico in all her diversity. But away from tourist areas and a little further down the road as usual.

Some villages seldom see tourists, and I can tell you, some of those places were simply the best. Nice friendly people, wonderful homemade meals, and picturesque views. Not always, but I selected the best.

If you are curious about traveling through Mexico and you are looking for a friendly and safe route through this country please check out the GPX files we have uploaded on MotoTravel Website

You will find points of interest, fun stops, hotel recommendations, and gasoline stations. But also tips and tricks for a safe journey either by motor, car or RV.

For the photos? Please click on an image and it will expand. You can visit all these locations through the mentioned GPX files.