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Travel Photos: Kuala Lumpur

I love to take photos of the cities I travel to. And usually, they are not general tourist photos. I like to capture moments, culture, people, and daily life. So you will find my photos maybe not so Kuala Lumpur, but trust me they are.

My selected photos show you Kuala Lumpur in all its sincerity, the diversity of the city, the multicultural society that is created in this immense city where so many people have to live together in such limited space. The city is immense. If you wander away from the tourist city center you will find easily 5 religions on a few square km. and all with their own food stores, cultural habits and places of worship. that diversity and tolerance could be a learning curve for many Western countries that struggle with the influx of different cultures and multi-cultural society.

I loved Kuala Lumpur, visiting this city was a turning point in my life

I had been 3 years in the Philippines when I traveled to Kuala Lumpur for my visa run. And it changed my view of my life in the Philippines drastically. When you live in a country the way I do, you slowly adjust to the lifestyle of a country, including the availability of food and gadgets. I had lower my standard of life dramatically y by living in the Philippines in a rural area. And Kuala Lumpur with her abundance in food, culture, and availability of goods like electronics and clothing made me see that.

So it was time to change my life and leave the Philippines behind, to search for a better place to live a life with a little more quality to it than the Philippines could offer me.

That is not to stigmatize the Philippines, it says everything about the way I want to live my life abroad.

Anyway, I enjoyed Kuala Lumpur and I dare you to leave the beaten path and wander off into other realms of this beautiful metropolis! To enjoy street food, architecture, nature, and religion in the superb way this city has to offer you.

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