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Travel Photos: People in the Philippines

There came a moment in my travels that I started to take photos from people. Street images, random faces which caught my eye. I’d never done that before. Usually, I find people a distraction in my photos. But the Filipino people changed that.

There is something fascinating about the stories their faces tell. It is about hardship, about Joy de Vivre, about living in the moment. And it is sometimes even tales from the old days when the world was so different for them.

Whether it is children or old people, there seems to be always a story. And I tried to capture that story. Not always successful, but I believe that in these 9 photos you can see the person behind the face. The emotion of the moment, the dreams, the longing, the joy, the fear, and even reluctance.

All these people gave me permission to use their photos and when it was a minor, I have verbal consent from the parent. I doubt the senior Mangyan Lady and Smoking Lady fully understood what it meant when I asked them permission to use their photos for the internet. Their world must have changed so much and maybe even beyond their grasp.

Somehow they live in a place of their own where time has stopped somewhere along their life path.

As for the kids, when there is a cellphone, and when there is load in that phone, they enjoy the novelties of the internet. But none of them is as much in reach of modernities as kids in my home country the Netherlands seem to be these days.

Give a child in my country an old tire to play and he will look at you not knowing what to do with it. Give this little boy an iPad and you will get the same look probably. His village this not even have a signal from Globe or Smart. Only one landline, in the village supermarket.

Enjoy “People in The Philippines”

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