Arnan and Jeanette from Floating Coconut

Our Travel Tips

Backpack or Suitcase

Travel comfortably and efficiently by using the right type of luggage. Rolling luggage or Backpack. Perhaps a suitcase or just a drybag. Find out what works and when.

Overcoming Loneliness

Simple, right? Just bring your partner or a friend. But what if you don't have that. Some ideas to occupy your mind with to not get all lonely and depressed in a foreign country.

Great places to book tickets

Where to get tickets. Cave-ats and what to look out for. Online booking is easy, but also a tricky mess if you're not careful.

Travel Experience

How travel may change your life and outlook on things. Why travel can be a great learning experience for your personal development.

Travel gear for girls

Always wondered how women pack their bags and with what? Do you really need that hat and a stove? It's all about bringing the essentials.

Staying sane while travelling

Travelling is not all fun and games. Often you need a lot of patience and creative thinking. But also a way to quickly vent your frustrations.

Travel gear for guys

Make sure you bring all the essentials and then some. What a guy should bring on his trip around the world.

Great places to book accomodations

Plan ahead or just wing it. Book online, or from a travel magazine. Best practices and things to look out for.

Travel gear for minimalists

Travel the world with a 40 liters or less backpack. Totally possible. Here is what to bring and to leave behind.