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Traveling from Bacolod to Sipalay

Bacolod and I are a mismatch. After switching hotels it improved a little, but still, I find the ‘City of Smiles’ a disappointment after having been in Iloilo. The two are not to be compared for it would be comparing peaches and pumpkin.
They are so different.

Although Bacolod holds a few surprises like the little zoo I found hidden in the middle of the city and the beautiful cathedral near the SM City Mall and not to forget the Ruins, situated just outside the city, I am happy to leave.

Maybe I feel like a mismatch because I’m tired of crowded places and long for shells in my pocket and sandy feet. That could be the case. I’ve seen way too much poverty in this city and cockroaches and I found out in Iloilo already I’m more of a beach girl than a city girl. I guess that is why I loved living near the beach in the Netherlands so much.
So time to move to paradise and set up my office at the beach.

Ceres bus Negros
View from the Bus Terminal waiting Area in Bacolod SouthBound Terminal

I’m traveling with Ceres tours to Sipalay, to stay in the Easy Diving Resort at Punta Ballo Beach about 7 kilometers outside of Sipalay.

To get there, you take the bus from the Bacolod Southbound Ceres bus terminal. An air-con bus departs to Sipalay at 13.30 hrs. Liner busses and De Luxe (non-air-con) that stop everywhere will depart on a regular basis, Tour Buses every so often during the day starting at 6 a.m. It is a bit difficult to get a schedule.

Ceres Bus Sipalay
Interior of a Tour Air-con bus, interior for long-distance buses may vary some have three seats on one side, others 2. Always a movie playing and free wifi.

Travel overview and cost

Ceres Tour Bus (air-con)
The bus left at 13.25
It drove along the coast in 5 hours to Sipalay.
There were zillion stops. But 2 at a regular terminal with toilets and shops or vendors to buy drinks and food.
Actually, the bus stopped a few times to let vendors onboard sell grilled corn and chicken pastries.

I arrived at Sipalay bus station after dark, a bit hard to get a tricycle driver, but I found one willing to drive me to the resort.
You pay approximately 150 pesos per person to drive you to your hotel.
The easy Diving and Beach Resort is about 7 kilometers from Sipalay, that took about 20 minutes


Taxi from Metro Inn hotel to SouthBound Bus terminal: 61 pesos
Bus fare: 253 pesos
Luggage fee: 50 pesos
Transport to the resort:150 pesos

Total Cost: 514 pesos = 10.28 euro

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