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Traveling from Cebu to Camotes Island

Camotes can be reached from Cebu port sailing with OceanJet. The ticket price is 500 pesos for an open-air/tourist class and 800 pesos for business class.
The ferries depart daily from Pier 1.

Or you travel to Danao port.

That is a little bit more complicated. You can use a taxi but they will charge you maximum for it is outside the city and they go back empty.
If you can convince a rider to use the meter, it also will be expensive due to heavy traffic on the highway.

Better travel from the North bus terminal, taking any bus passing by Danao (direction of Maya)
Tell the ticket man that you need to get to Danao Port, they will drop you off in the right place.
It should be before reaching the Danao public market, once you are there, you have gone too far.

From the bus stop at the port area, it is only a small ride, you can stop a tricycle and ask them to take you to the passenger terminal.

Here are the 2018 ferry times for both Cebu port and Danao port:

  • Super Shuttle Ferry 05.00 Danao Port, daily
  • Jomalia Shipping 05.30 Danao Port, daily
  • OceanJet 06.00 Cebu City Pier 1, daily
  • Jomalia Shipping 08.30 Danao Port, daily
  • Golden Shipping Fastcraft 09.00 Cebu City pier 1, daily
  • Jomalia Shipping 11.00 Danao Port, daily
  • Jomalia Shipping 14.00 Danao Port, daily
  • OceanJet 15.00 Cebu City Pier 1, daily
  • Golden Shipping Fastcraft 17.30 Cebu City Pier 1, daily
  • Jomalia Shipping 17.30 Danao Port, daily
  • Jomalia Shipping 21.00 Danao port, daily

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*Please note that time schedules can change due to weather conditions, 
maintenance or new port regulations, or sometimes with no clear reason at all.