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Timetables in the Philippines

Traveling from Leyte to Bohol, ferry schedules

When you are visiting Leyte there are 2 ports to travel from when you want to move on to Bohol Island.
Both Hilongos and Bato offer daily bankas (native ferries to Bohol) And Bato offers RoRos to Ubay, Bohol.

The schedules are not very complicated: daily around 9.00 am. a banka leaves and a RoRo.
From both ports. In Bato, at 10.00 a.m. there is an extra RoRo leaving when there is a demand.

Prices are 320 pesos per person. Vendors will be on board before departure to sell you drinks and snacks. On the RoRo’s there is a little shop selling drinks, noodle soup, siomai and siopao.

When crossing with a motorcycle it adds up to over 1300 pesos for a motorcycle under 300cc. Be aware that the clearance procedure is time-consuming and that the port authorities and the coast guard are not in the port area but outside across the playground.

Ferries in the Philippines do not always travel on time, usually, they wait till fully booked, or they do not sail at all due to weather or technical conditions. before purchasing a ticket ask if the ferry is leaving as scheduled and then open a can of patience, but you get delayed anyway.

The distance from Bato to Ubay is 40 kilometers and it takes 3 hours to get there, and with delay and all, I was in the port at 7.30 that is when the ticket booth opens only to arrive in Ubay at 2.15 p.m.
So you see before you know you will be on Filipino time.

ferry, bohol, ubay, leyte, bato, hilongos, timetables
Do not expect any hip or comfortable ferry and do not bother to book expensive air-con tickets. Unless you want to spend your sailing time in a cockroaches filled room. My ferry was full of bunk beds and inside the air-con room, the roaches were abundantly crawling everywhere. On the deck, it was much nicer. So I switched bunk.

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