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Traveling to Semirara, Caluya and/or Libertad in Antique

From San Jose on Mindoro Island not only the ferry to Coron departs, but also to the Islands of Semirara (the mining Island) Caluya and even Libertad on Panay Island. All Island is located in the Province of Antique.

San Jose port is a long stretched port and the Banca departing to those islands is found at Pier 1, at the beginning of the pier you can find the ticket booth.

Now, I did not travel this ferry myself. So I can not inform you about prices and what is available on board and on destination.

There seem to be two ferries, the MV Argo de Oro I and the MV Island Express III, departing on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, Time 10.30 am.

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