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Travelling from Siquijor to Dumaguete with a Motorcycle

Before you can leave your region in the Philippines with your new registered motorcycle you need a signed authorization from the Land Transportation Office. This paper comes with your registration and plate numbers. Without this letter of authorization, you are not allowed to leave your region, and fines can go as high as 2,000 pesos.

Once you have your set of registration papers, you are free to travel

I traveled with Montenegro RoRo leaving Siquijor Island at 10 am on weekdays.

At the ticket booth, you present your ID and motor registration papers.

Together with your boat ticket, you will receive a bill of lading. These you present to the port authorities, together with your ID.
Port Authorities are inside the passengers’ terminal.
You pay your terminal fee and the bill of lading is replaced by a terminal ticket

With those, you go to the coast guard office in the small building opposite of the passenger terminal.

The Coast Guard will approve and stamp the papers.

The next stop is the cargo man of the ferry. he will write down your license plate number and weight from the vehicle.

From there follow the instructions of the deckhands in charge of loading the RoRo.

Hold on to your papers, since you have to show them leaving the port area in Dumaguete

Here are the prices:

  • Ferry costs 572 = 9,34 euro
  • Terminal Fee 65 = 1,06 Euro * Prices 2017

Watch the ride on the ferry:

The motorcycle will be tied to rings and trucks and placed on a block. You can leave your luggage on the bike.
Once you arrive at the port of your destination, make sure you go to the car deck together with the truck drivers so you can disembark before the other passengers.