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Visa Extension in the Philippines: Cost breakdown

It was time for my visa extension and since there is no Bureau of Immigration on Siquijor, I went to Dumaguete.
Once in the office, I learned that now I can do a six months visa extension in Dumaguete, no need to go to Cebu, Bacolod or Iloilo for that. Great improvement, but I needed to visit the ATM first, before applying. Since a6 months visa is more expensive of course.

But first things first, I got a question on how to get to the Bureau of Immigration, and true it is a little hidden.

How to get there? Watch the video:

So how much does a visa extension cost?

Other questions are on the costs of a Tourist visa in the Philippines.
Here is a cost breakdown that shows you the cost per item.

Please be aware that costs may be different in your immigration office since rules and fees can be interpreted in different ways.
That differences may add up from 300 pesos to 1000 pesos in some cases, depending on the length of your extension.

Price per 2 months
monthly extension fee 1000
visa sticker fee 100
application fee 300
extension certificate fee 500
legal research fee 30
express lane fee 500
express lane fee (certificate) 500
total amount 2930

Please do the maths for a 6 months visa also JC?!

In March 2017 I paid for my 6 months extension in the Dumaguete branch of the Bureau of Immigration the following fees:

Price per 6 months
monthly extension fee 3000
visa sticker fee 100
application fee 900
extension certificate fee 500
legal research fee 30
express lane fee 1500
express lane fee (certificate) 1000
total amount 7030

When you stay longer than 59 days in the Philippines additional costs will apply like the ACR I-card, the fee for that was 2461 PHP + express lane fee 500 PHP (price 11-17-2016)

And between January first and March 31, all visitors have to report for the annual count, named Annual Report, cost: 500 pesos, in that month my investigation fee was 10 pesos higher: 40 pesos.

Talk to me: what type of visa do you use and what are your costs?

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