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Visa Run from The Philippines: My expenses

Every person does the visa run in their own way. I took a break from the island of Siquijor and the Philippines by staying for 7 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Some people turn around after a few hours, not even leaving KLIA2, the airport in Kuala Lumpur, or the airport of their chosen destination.

All people who want to exit the Philippines after they stayed here longer than 6 months and want to re-enter do need to pay the following:

  • exit clearance
  • a set of passport photos  2×2
  • a round trip to a destination of their choice
  • outbound ticket from the Philippines
  • terminal fee
  • travel tax

And after receiving a visa upon arrival for 29 days you need to start applying for the regular visa extensions and after 59 days you need to purchase a new ACR iCard.


I could have limited my costs, in the video, I explain what mistakes I made in this visa run

Here are my total costs for this visa run

  • exit clearance Cebu Office 500 
  • Boat to Duma 1,680 1 trip to Dumaguete I took the Motorbike so those costs are higher, v.v
  • Bus and ferry to Cebu, and vice versa 1,062  1. To Immigration, 2. to Mactan Airport
  • 1-week Bayfront Hotel Cebu 9,875 
  • 7 days Kuala Lumpur 21,812  I booked Hotel & Flight at AirAsia which was cheaper than a separate hotel and ticket. Outbound Ticket for new vis application 2,229
  • Terminal fee Mactan Airport 850
  • Travel tax Mactan Airport 1,620
  • additional 6% service tax Kuala Lumpur 1,320  new taxes applied, so there was an  additional payment
  • Photos for exit clearance 60
  • Extra luggage and suitcase 1,305 I bought a motorcycle jacket that took me over the allowed 7 kg cabin luggage
  • bank fees 400  ATM usage in Kuala Lumpur BDO charges per withdrawal
  • Train KLIA2 to KL Center and v.v. 1.440 High-speed train to KL Sentral Station
  • Pocket money Cebu and Kuala Lumpur 25,000

TOTAL 69,142 PHP = 1,086 Euro (date: september 2018)


Now, I used both the Cebu and Kuala Lumpur trip to do shopping. In the Philippines, some things just aren’t available, either outside the larger cities or at all in the whole country. So the pocket money may seem a little much, but I bought motorcycle gear, some clothes, and shoes.  And there are the taxi prices in Cebu which do add up.

Upcoming costs will be:

  • boat trip to Dumaguete and vice versa 2x
  • first visa extension up to 59 days total of 3,130 PHP
  • second 6 months visa extension in a district office and ACR iCard: 7,900 PHP
  • boat trip with a motorcycle to Negros or Cebu depending on where I go for the extension, and vice versa, apr. 1,400 PHP
  • gasoline for the trip and one hotel night of 2,500 PHP more or less

Some people apply for a Filipino 59 days visa in the country of their destination. They visit the Philippines Embassy and after 2 days, if granted, they collect a 59 days visa.